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Take a Flight!

What Sets Parer Apart From The Competition?

Parer’s jewelry is manufactured using

the same process and technique as fine jewelry.

We exceed industry standards in every aspect.



Parer Collection offerings begin with

brass castings also known as jeweler’s bronze.

Next we polish every piece to a mirror finish

before our Cubic Zirconia stones are hand set.



We choose only the highest quality available.

Quality, cut and color affect symmetry, luster

and shine in luxury level Cubic Zirconia

just like they do in other fine stones.



We use 100% Rhodium, 14K or Rose Gold.

Rhodium is a member of the Platinum family

and it is the most expensive and durable finish

that money can buy.  Now you know about

Parer’s Lifetime Shine Guarantee.


Pendants and Necklaces

We do pull tests on all pendants

and necklaces to evaluate strength.

Pendants, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets

All Parer jewelry is 100% alloy free.



We have strict controls on how our stones are

set and do not tolerate sloppy artistry.

~ No Insurance Necessary ~

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