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1 - individually packaged Parer Jewelry Polishing Puff - includes shipping
with it's ecologically superior reformulation
*while supplies last

For details about larger quantities, please click
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Parer Jewelry Polishing Puff

  • Parer Jewelry Polishing Puff is

    the Puff with a pedigree!


    Our heritage puff began decades ago

    in the finest shopping emporiums of the day.

    We are proud to still hear about

    our durable puffs past along Fifth Avenue.

    Perhaps, most memorably, in the venerable

    and elegant jewelry establishments

    that graced The Waldorf Astoria’s

    Peacock Alley Arcade.


    Gently rub the piece of jewelry you wish to polish.

    It’s that easy. “Just rub and shine”.

    Our specially treated dry polishing puffs are safe for use

    on all precious metals, semi-precious stones and fashion jewelry.

    Continues to clean and polish even when soiled.

  • All sales on Parer Jewelry Polishing Puffs 

    are final

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